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Our hospital, which started to give service on 15 March 2005 in order to meet the health needs of the people of the region, is the first private hospital founded in Iskenderun by Iskenderun Experts as Ozel Saglık Hizmetleri San. AS. Our hospital, which was built on a total area of 12 acres and earthquake-resistant, has begun to give service in 8000 m2 closed area.

In 2009, our hospital was purchased by Mr. Metin YILDIZ and Mr. Mahir TANER and aimed to provide better quality health care services by activating the new hospital building of 9,000 square meters with modern medical devices and equipment, as well as improving our physical condition in a total of 17,000 square meters closed area, in line with the growing health needs of the people of the region and technological developments.

We aimed to enable all kinds of imaging, diagnosis, treatment and surgical operations within the Private Iskenderun Gelisim Hospital in order to prevent patients to go hundreds of kilometers away for treatment, by the investments made in many departments, especially Cardiovascular Diseases which can be treated in hospitals more in major cities.

Private Iskenderun Gelisim Hospital, which is closely following the constantly renewing technological developments in the health sector, has fulfilled an important breakthrough for the elimination of health problems of the people of the region as soon as possible by investments.

Private Iskenderun Gelisim Hospital, which was the first performer of RADIAL (from wrist) ANGİOMA application in Hatay region, was the first and only hospital in Hatay that can give the Coronary Angio service with 100 percent accuracy in a short time like 5 seconds by including 384-slice Computed Tomography device, which is in only 5 hospitals in Turkey, to the Radiology Unit as of September 2013.

Private Iskenderun Gelisim Hospital, which was set off with the motto of the ‘Development Time in Health’ and continue to undertake significant developments in the health sector, has put Radiation Oncology Unit into service as of July 2014 by adding a new unit.